Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nominal Topic

Etymology: Middle English nominalle, from Medieval Latin nominalis, from Latin, of a name, from nomin-, nomen name
Date: 15th century
Existing or being something in name or form only <nominal head of his party>


Etymology: Latin Topica Topics (work by Aristotle), from Greek Topika, from topika, neuter plural of topikos of a place, of a topos, from topos place, topos
Date: circa 1569
The subject of a discourse or of a section of a discourse

Nominal Topic; more the name of a project than the name of a band despite the linked title. The MySpace page has been severely neglected due to writing more tunes; so new material is on the way. Compositionally and
stylistically the album is a bit of a departure (although the latter to lesser degrees). While a tune like The Media Equation off of Context Switch was based on Zimbabwean Chimurenga music, from which many artists have borrowed heavily, this latest one (name under review) has more of a vintage-vibe feel (think Bob Mould meets Stereolab) but still fun (active rhythm sections). The album as a whole? You tell me.